The Bates Debate

Conversations that matter


Welcome to "The Bates Debate" podcast hosted by Donna Bates, Strategist, Board Advisor, & Small Business Advocate. Donna’s curiosity & integrity ensures ethical discourse & honest inquiry, fostering a safe space for complex issue discussions. Committed to open dialogue creating fresh, balanced perspectives, fearlessly diving into diverse topics and challenging the status quo. Featuring diverse guests, from experts to everyday individuals, tackling topics like politics, business, science, culture, and ethics, encouraging respectful conversations toward collaborative understanding.

Donna Bates

Welcome to "The Bates Debate"

A podcast hosted by Donna Bates, your strategic planning consultant, having conversations that matter.

It's important to explore all differences of opinions and engage in respectful and insightful discussions.

Donna Bates is known for her curiosity and wonder of the world, unwavering integrity, and commitment to open dialogue.  In this podcast, she will bring you thought-provoking conversations that matter.  In each episode, Donna fearlessly dives into the heart of diverse topics, challenging conventional wisdom, and unraveling complex issues.

Why are Donna's qualities of curiosity, integrity, and open dialogue important? They are the pillars upon which "The Bates Debate" stands:


Donna's boundless curiosity fuels every episode. It's the spark that ignites her relentless pursuit of understanding, driving her to ask the questions that matter most. Prepare to be inspired as Donna takes you on a journey to explore the unknown, uncover hidden truths, and expand your horizons.


In a world where trust is paramount, Donna's unwavering integrity shines through. Her commitment to ethical discourse and honest inquiry ensures that every debate is rooted in integrity, fostering a safe space for listeners to engage with complex issues without fear of bias or deception.

Open Dialogue

Donna believes in the power of open dialogue to bridge divides, find common ground, and foster understanding. "The Bates Debate" is a platform where differing viewpoints are welcomed, and where listeners are encouraged to engage in respectful conversations that challenge assumptions and broaden perspectives.

In "The Bates Debate," you'll encounter a diverse array of guests, from experts in various fields to everyday individuals with extraordinary stories to share. Expect to be enlightened, challenged, and inspired as Donna and her guests tackle topics ranging from politics, science, and culture to philosophy, ethics, and beyond.

Get ready to embark on an intellectual journey like no other, where curiosity, integrity, and open dialogue are the guiding principles. Subscribe now to "The Bates Debate" and join Donna Bates in exploring the world's most pressing issues and engaging in conversations that shape our understanding of the world. It's time to elevate your thinking.

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