Take time out

Apart from Christmas, do you allow yourself time off throughout the year?

With Christmas soon upon us, a lot of business owners let go of the guilt surrounding taking a break from their business. Whether it’s because you know your clients are off, allowing yourself that permission to have time off too, or whether you simply want time off with the family and you firmly believe its ok to unwind. Either way, use the break wisely to unwind and approach the new year with a new outlook and approach.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What has gone really well this year?
  2. What would I have done differently?
  3. Do I have any regrets?
  4. Have I done everything I set out to do this year?
  5. If money were no obstacle, what would I do before the end of the year?

Following these questions write a letter to yourself with the questions and your answers, place it in a stamped envelope and address it to yourself. Gift it to a friend and tell them to make note of where they put it in their diary to send it to you 1st December next year. It’s always a surprise to receive a letter from yourself 12 months down the track and can contain information you may have forgotten, along with pride of how far you have come.

Business is hard, its time consuming, but done right, it can be so worthwhile. To all the business owners out there reading this, here is to 2019, may it bring you everything you strategically plan to achieve.

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