Declutter your Subscriptions – Unsubscribing with Impact

Do you wake up each morning to an inbox half full of spam?

Most of the time we subscribe to marketing material without even realising or we are simply added without our consent. Do you have a steady stream of marketing emails each day? If so you are going to want to read what’s coming next… Unsubscribing, the new time saver!

Set up your email to handle sifting

Dependent on what email software you use, there is a way to separate emails with the simple click of a button. Google has coloured stars, Apple Mail has coloured flags. No matter what email software you use, put a colour code system in place to organise your mail.

Why sift?

The simple answer, it will save you time! Rather than unsubscribing one by one (a major business disruption) you simply highlight the email by flagging or starring it, in the allocated colour associated with ‘Unsubscribe’. Then once a month during a time where you have a small amount of time, dedicate yourself to unsubscribing from the entire list you have built up over the month. As months go by (and as long as you aren’t a serial subscriber) you will see that list when you wake get smaller and smaller. In the long run this will save you time on a daily basis from going through such a long list of emails.

What if there is no unsubscribe button?

Look upon these emails as pure spam, don’t respond or associate with them, simply mark as spam or delete. In time they will stop if they see they have received no response. Unfortunately due to most businesses using online practices, most businesses will be targeted by direct sale emails.

Looking to put some processes in place for your business? Contact us to discuss how processes in your business can ease you up time

Donna Bates

Donna is a Strategic Planning Consultant, whose talents have been refined over 25+ year corporate career.

She is an Award-winning, Business & Marketing Growth Strategist who specialises in consulting with company's going through growth, change & upheaval.

Being a “legacy leader” she has mentored talented people across a wide spectrum of industries globally, helping them to grow & pivot their businesses, to stay relevant & profitable.

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